Art Song Canberra is proud to present some excellent songs recorded during concerts by ArtSound. Enjoy!! Some of our concerts can also be accessed via our youtube channel, and a full video recording of Michael Dooley’s song cycle is available here.


Andrew Goodwin (tenor) and John Martin (piano) performing “Morgen” by composer Richard Strauss for Art Song Canberra in “Romantic Classics” on 24th July 2022 (file size 4.8 MB)



Christina Wilson (mezzo-soprano) and Alan Hicks (piano) performing “Put out my eyes” by Australian composer David Matthews for Art Song Canberra in “Love and Harmony Combine” on 18th October 2015 (file size 2.1 MB)



Louise Page (soprano) and Phillipa Candy (piano) performing “La pastoura als camps” by Joseph Canteloube for Art Song Canberra in “Dance, Sing, Love, Live!” on 22nd November 2015 (file size 2.6 MB)



Alexander Knight (baritone) and Kimberley Steele (piano) performing “Im wunderschönen Monat Mai” from the cycle “Dichterliebe” (Poet’s Love) by Robert Schumann for Art Song Canberra in “Love Blossoms in May” on 31st May 2015 (file size 1.4 MB)



Merlyn Quaife (soprano), Nicholas Dinopoulos (baritone) and Andrea Katz (piano) performing “Die Zuversicht” from the Moravian Duets by Antonin Dvorak for Art Song Canberra in “Lyric Rhapsody” on 28th August 2016 (file size 3.7 MB)